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Mission Statement:

To develop and implement non-invasive, practical drug-free and cost-effective skin analysis and assessment systems for use by trained medical professionals as well as light therapeutics and imaging systems that can help to saves lives and enhance patients’ quality of life and improve the patient standard of care.


The SIAscope is a hand held scanner that is part of a non-invasive skin analysis system which provides color bitmaps called SIAscans that show the relative location of blood, collagen and melanin.

The SIAscope has been specifically designed with and for Dermatologists, General Practitioners and skin specialists.


MoleMate is a software image management system for the SIAscope that displays 5 unique views:

  • Dermatoscopic view
  • Blood supply view
  • Melanin view
  • Dermal melanin view
  • Collagen view


SIMSYS is an image management system which, in addition to the features of the MoleMate software, includes mole and lesion visualization and comprehensive patient image and data storage capabilities.

For more information watch SIMSYS-MoleMate video

History & Overview

MedX Health Corp. is a medical device company that has been operating since 1999, and is based in the Greater Toronto Area, in Canada. Initially, the Company was focused on research, development, manufacturing and distribution of phototherapeutic medical devices, which use light energy in lower-level laser and LED.

In 2011, the Company purchased the assets and business related to a technology called SIAscopy™, which is a medical device that is used to scan suspicious moles and lesions. The scan is read by a trained physician and a determination is made if the suspicious mole or lesion needs a follow on appointment with a Dermatologist, or the patient is deemed clear of follow up.

The SIAscopy products use light to penetrate 2mm below the surface of the skin, generating five images of the suspicious mole. This enables physicians to assess the condition of the moles better, and provide immediate feedback to their patients, improving the quality of care of potential skin cancer patients by reducing the need for biopsies, and the resulting pain and scars as well as the anxiety associated with waiting for biopsy results. This technology provides a vastly improved level of certainty for physicians and care for patients.

The SIAscopy technology is patented, and has been cleared by the FDA in the U.S. and by Health Canada, is CE marked for sale in Europe, with equivalent approval in Australia.

While most of the distribution arrangements in the past for the SIAscopy products involved marketing the products directly to physicians, clinics and other health care facilities, one European distributor has successfully built a skin scanning business in approximately 100 drugstores in Norway, allowing individuals to have a suspicious mole or lesion checked quickly by way of a distributed network of trained physicians who can access the scan images. This model is expanding into Sweden and the United Kingdom. The distribution model for a multi-unit setting could involve the Company generating revenue through the sale or leasing of machines or on a per-scan basis, or a combination.

MedX's SIAscopy products are sold world-wide, but particularly in Europe in the most recent year. Based on this European experience, the Company is pursuing a strategy to distribute its products through multi-unit retail or clinic settings, which will be a focus during the next several years. The Company is initiating further pilots with its partners in selected European countries, and pursuing other opportunities in other markets.

The Company's original products, phototherapeutic medical devices, which use light energy in lower-level laser and LED, to provide effective treatment offering rapid, drug-free and non-invasive healing in the rehabilitation market for treating pain, tissue damage, swelling and inflammation. The Company has sold thousands of its products to practitioners in clinics, academic facilities, hospitals long-term care facilities, and to athletes and sports teams.

These therapeutic light products are US Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada cleared, and are produced in an ISO 13485, CMDCAS certified manufacturing and testing facility in Mississauga, Ontario.

MedX’s therapeutic light products are sold in many countries, but a majority of the sales are in North America. The Company primarily utilizes medical device distributors to sell its products, who normally distribute a variety of products to their customers. The markets in which the Company sells its therapeutic light products is highly competitive, characterized by pricing pressure and many competitive products. As a result, the Company has not reached a level of profitability that would allow it to market itself aggressively, as is required in the market.

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